Albania Education Tour CEG

Emma had a great time; she passed along only the best praise, thank you so much for inviting CEG. I know we have had at least two enquires through so far which is great!! And Emma did have a great time and had excellent feedback for ANDE-LM (but we always knew you guys were great)

Meghan, CEG UK

ISFA Fall 2014

Many thanks for having invited YK Business School to participate in the ISFA Event.

It was a great event where I had the chance of presenting our training programs to students who will finish high school shortly.  Quite a good number has expressed a keen interest in the undergraduate studies offered by MANCOSA, and run by YK Business School.  The MBA program has also attracted several visitors. The logistical arrangements organized for this event were awesome.

Moniza Gopaul, YK Business School

Clone of ISFA Fall 2014 - Yasar University

The fair is really amazing, turnout was massive. The students were coordinative and articulate in their questioning. All in all, it’s satisfactory and I would love to be here again!

Shikmlah Lawal, Yasar University

Every year you get better and better!

Every year you get better and better. ISFA is probably the only fair in East Africa with stable, organised influx of good students. Whole organisation is smooth and professional.

Petr Jiskra, HTMi

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona had a great time meeting the excellent students in the GCC. A big thank you for organizing an outstanding recruitment circuit and introducing us to amazing students, parents and high school counselors. Looking forward to the next tour

Weston Brown, The University of Arizona

Emporia State University

The organisers prepared a great and efficient recruiting circuit in the Middle East. I was impressed with the different types of schools we visited. I came back with meaningful information about the various school systems in the region and a great pool of prospective students. The fairs in each city provided another layer of student contact, including those interested in graduate studies. The tour organizers had in mind three factors that are critical in our decision for recruitment efforts: time, impact and budget. I look forward to future involvement.

Gonzalo R. Bruce, Ph.D., Emporia State University

Student Fair Sweden

This was the 3rd time I've attended the Student Fair in Sweden and the fair was once again busy and well-organised. I was able to get a lot of interest on our film courses. Studycentral services were very good, personal, and efficient.

Tom Robards, Met Film School

International Business Academy, Denmark

IBA participated at De BuitenlandBeurs in Utrecht in autumn 2015 and we are delighted to see positive results in such a short time.
IBA representatives have met highly motivated and qualified students, who have decided to apply for our institution this year.

Nora Varga - International Recruitment Coordinator, International Business Academy, Denmark

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Germany

We met a great number of interesting students at this fair. Also, the fair organizers thought about just everything!
All in all it was an event we’d consider again.

Anne Breuer - International Sales Manager, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Germany

China Plus

From the BuitenlandBeurs, we received more than 100 potential candidates' data. We are very happy to see that our program is welcomed by Dutch students. At the same time, we've received a few potential business partners and we already set up a cooperation

Aixia Li - Managing Director, China Plus

Organisation and communication remains blameless

It will be a pleasure to see the ISFA team at their fairs in 2017, and many more years to come. Organisation and communication remains blameless. Good work team!! Thank you very much to all who helped us at the ISFA Fairs.

Sweety Moheeputh, Vatel Mauritius

Look forward to participating again in 2017

Thank you for a well organised fair. We look forward and would really like to participate in the 2017 ISFA Fairs in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Victoria Kimotho, St George's University

Keep up the excellent work!

The fair in Arusha was very good. We received a really good number of leads and the standard of students was exceptional. Both fairs in Kenya were also excellent and ran very smoothly. I must say, the irganisation of the ISFA fairs was very good and I will certainly look to participate in the next ISFA Fairs in 2017. Keep up thje excellent work!

Rakesh Ram, Amity Global Business School

The ISFA Fairs were great for exposure and getting to know exceptional students

There was a great coverage of schools and the ISFA fairs were full of students. It was great for exposing our university, and getting to know exceptional students, whilst establishing our presence in Africa. The fair was well organised and a big thank you to Irina and the team for the welcoming hospitality. The otrher exhibitors were also lovely to meet, and many great friendships were formed.

Matthew Van Buuren, Varsity College, South Africa

Would attend the event, or a similar fair, next year

Our main objective for attending this event was to recruit students and we were not disappointed. The number and clientele of audience and student collected for this fair was very impressive. We were able to network effectively and with ease at the fair. The University Fairs website and booking process both ran smoothly for us, and sufficient detailed information was given before the fair. The organisation on the day of the event was astounding and I would highly recommend getting a translator for a fair if needed because ours was exceptional. 

Caroline Blocksdorf, University College Birmingham

Perfectly Organised and High Quality Students!

Our primary objectives when attending the Europe fair was to present a Bachelor programme and collect qualified leads. We are very pleased to say that the fair met our objectives, and we are very interested in attending similar fairs in the next year. The Universityfairs website, organisation from Studycentral and the customer care was impeccable and I felt very comfortable to express my views and queries to the team. The organisation of the fair, student enquiries and the fair itself was excellent, with a well laid out system of to follow up on student leads. It was perfectly organised with a high quality of students attending the fair!

Cecile Marquez, Fondazione European School of Management

The Event was Professionally Held and Organised

Our primary objective for attending the South East Asia Roadshow was to recruit overseas students. Since the fair was so good, we are very interested in attending similar events over the following year. This is because the website, booking process and our contact with Studycentral were excellent. We felt able to express our views and questions freely, and received helpful and understanding responses from the team. Furthermore, the organisation and venue facilities on the day of the event were very good, with a substantial amount of students enquring at our stand. The organisation before and during the fair exceeded our expectations; we were provided with detailed information, and the event was professsionally held.

Rainey Choi, Lingnan University

Inspired by The Student Fairs in Sweden

The visit at this Student Fair was a great inspiration. I wasn’t sure at all what I wanted to do after school but improving my Spanish by studying abroad has definitely become an option. That became clear to me after attending some workshops about studying abroad and after talking to a number of exhibitors.

Ludwig Wahlgren, Student in Stockholm

Einstieg Fairs are some of the best

Einstieg Fairs are some of the best organised fairs here in Germany, I would say say some of the best fairs here in Europe, and the management manages to recruit all the students we like to have.

Eva-Maria Gruber, Communications, PR & Marketing, Karl-Landsteiner University, Austria

At the Einstieg fair I have discovered new courses

I definitely want to go to university, either in Germany or abroad. At the fair I have discovered new courses and I am taking home a lot of ideas for my choice of study. kjh kjh

Valentin, 17 years,

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