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Research conducted by the European Commission has shown that young people who have studied abroad have a better chance of securing a steady job later on. Therefore the Dutch government would like more students to spend an educational period abroad. Currently, approximately 17% (117,353) of students in higher education spend part of their study programmes abroad. Some 2.3% (15,877) of students even follow a complete study programme abroad.

The Dutch government encourages international exchange programmes and makes it financially feasible for students to study abroad. Students who are entitled to student grants and loans in the Netherlands are entitled to use them anywhere in the world. In addition to student grants and loans, students can also obtain a scholarship for a study programme abroad.

More and more Dutch young professionals are adventurous and internationally oriented and want to explore their work skills beyond borders. Dutch employees are popular among the foreign employers because they are flexible, work well together with other cultures and have excellent language skills.

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