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Germany is ranked among one of the most well-travelled countries. German adolescents not only take vacations frequently, but their interest in studying or working abroad has been increasing continuously. Surveys among our recruitment fair visitors indicate that Einstieg visitors are particularly interested in degree programmes or gap years abroad after their graduation - every third respondent shows interest. This is not surprising: the number of pupils attending grammar schools and senior classes of comprehensive schools and therefore intending to moving on to university is comparatively high at Einstieg recruitment fairs.

Generally, the interest of German pupils in international degree programmes has steadily increased over recent decades: according to numbers published by the German Federal Statistical Office, almost 140,000 German young adults studied at universities abroad in 2012 (most current data available) - students were either enrolled for an academic term or degree programmes. Compared to that, roughly 2,400,000 students were enrolled at universities in Germany. 

The most popular countries for international academic programmes included Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, the United States and France. Overall, 83.4 percent of German students decided to study in Europe. 8.4 percent chose programmes located in North- and South-America, 5.7 percent chose to study in Asia, 1.7 percent studied in Australia and Oceania, and 0.6 percent decided to study abroad in Africa.

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