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International Education Fair in Georgia will present a great number of educational establishments, and the opportunities of study programmes in Georgia and other countries.

Reasons to Attend

More than 25% of undergraduate students, graduate students and senior schoolchildren in Georgia are currently looking for overseas education opportunities. The registration for University National Exams in Georgia last from February to March. The National Exams last from June to July. Therefore, the fair date in February is the best time for both students and institutions, according to their next steps in education.

At the International Education Fair in 2017 there were 114 exhibitors in total. Visitors had an opportunity to meet representatives from 16 countries: Australia, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, North Cyprus, Poland, Turkey, UK and USA.

There has been a development of the number of visitors attending the fair each year:
2012 – 5,800
2013 – 7,200
2014 – 9,000
2015 – 12, 000
2016 – 12, 000
This incline in numbers highlights the increase in student interest in international education and demonstrates education as a priority for many visitors.

Market Overview
  • Approximately 36,000 entrants/applicants are passing national exams in July to study in the higher education institutions of Georgia.
  • 25% of undergraduate and graduate students, and senior schoolchildren in Georgia are currently looking for overseas education opportunities
  • There are 59 Universities in Georgia (31% State Universities and 69% Private Authorized Universities)  with over 124,000 students studying at higher education level.
  • There are 13 colleges authorized with over 240,000 students studying at secondary level.
  • The three-level system of higher education consists of: the first level - Bachelor's degree, the second step - Master's degree, the third step - PhD 

The fair date is  the best time for both students and institutions according to their next step in education (the registration for university national exams in Georgia last from February to March, the national exams in last from June to July).

Fair Outline

International Education Fair is a great platform for professionals and decision-makers in the education sector to exchange their experience and know-how. The parallel events: presentations, seminars and workshops will reach the goals and aims of the exhibition.

Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular among Georgian students as the country itself continues to pursue integration into the international society and the demand for professionals with international experience is rapidly increasing amongst Georgian and regional employers. The B2C concept of the exhibition shows a very clear value to the exhibitors as well as visitors. It is an “Open Door Day” for all the presented organizations an opportunity to receive all required information directly from the source for the visitors.

The International Education fair will cover such subjects as state and private higher education institutions, colleges, vocational schools, training centers, language schools and courses, as well as will provide information on new study programmes, and information about the services for students and educational institutions. Education Fair 2018 will bring together the quality international education providers with study abroad agents and education consultants.

The exhibition is promoted through an aggressive and informative marketing campaign encompassing a variety of effective marketing tools to reach all visitors segments. Media includes target group-specific direct marketing, online campaigns, advertising in numerous trade publications and in the general business press, extensive press activities and networking with industry associations and media.

Further Exhibition Information

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Visitor numbers:

Tbilisi 12,000

Visitors targeted by:

Billboards / Posters / Flyers
Cooperation With Educational Institutions
Local / National Press
PR Campaigns
Promotion At Other Events
Television / Radio


Who should attend:

Summer schools
Student service providers
Professional bodies
Language schools
Hotel management schools
Government bodies
Funding & scholarship providers
Education agencies
Business schools
Boarding schools

Levels & Subjects

Academic Levels
  • Professional training
  • Language learning
  • Secondary education (boarding)
  • Further education & vocational
  • Foundation (Preparatory)
  • Undergraduate (Bachelors)
  • Postgraduate (Masters, MBA, LLM, Dip, PhD)
Subject Areas
  • Visual & creative arts
  • Tourism, leisure & hospitality
  • Social science
  • Science
  • Retailing & marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Law & LLM
  • Languages
  • Humanities
  • Health & medicine
  • Engineering
  • Education & teaching
  • Economics
  • Computer science & IT
  • Business, MBA & management
  • Architecture, construction, building & surveying
  • Accountancy, finance & insurance



Opening hours for visitors
Day 1:
Day 2:
11:00 - 19:00
Access times for exhibitors
Set up (Pre-Event):
09:00 - 10:30
19:00 - 20:00
Additional activities

Reception and Gala Evening 



Prices & Booking