Higher Education News: The Weekly Roundup - UK General Election Edition

UK General Election 2015 & Higher Education

As most of you know the 2015 UK General Election is taking place tomorrow, so we decided to look into how the different parties plan to move forward with Higher Education. It is very important for young people, especially students, to take an interest in politics and make an informed decision about who they vote for – as the outcome will directly affect their future.

We have rounded up what we believe to be some very informative pages on the General Election, so please take your time to have a look through:

General Election 2015 - Higher Education Party Policies and More
The Complete University Guide
Like it or not, politics affects us all, and that includes the UK's student population. In 2010 only 44% of 18–24 year olds (the age range of most students), turned out to post their ballot. We hope that this figure increases massively on Thursday 7 May, and we've done our research to help you decide who to vote for. The table shows student-relevant policies, including tuition fee policy, from the UK's main parties.

Election pass notes: what are the parties promising on education?
The Guardian
Education has hardly been discussed in election debates. We dig out the devil in the detail of the manifesto promises to see what the parties really stand for.

The Six Key Higher Education Issues At The 2015 General Election
The Huffington Post
Student voters are obviously going to be concerned with the state of higher education, which is currently a turbulent landscape. But what are the key issues in the HE sphere?

Question time: THE election panel grill the politicians
Times Higher Education
Higher education figures interrogate the main parties on subjects from policy mistakes to part-time study.

Happy Voting!