Higher Education News: The Weekly Roundup

This week we saw academic outrage at the Forbes List of least stressful jobs, the UK coalition Government recognising the importance of Higher Education and Mainland China recognising foreign qualifications from Hong Kong.

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Least Stressful Job? Really?
Inside Higher Ed
Forbes published an article base on a study carried out by CareerCast (job portal website), which ranked college professor as the “least stressful job of 2013”. This has created outrage in the academic world, with the arrival of new Twitter hashtags such as #RealForbesProfessors, as professors feel that they have to deal with plenty of stress – deadlines (grading, publishing, grant application etc).

Coalition review focuses on universities' economic role
Times Higher Education
The coalition government recently praised Higher Education in their mid-term review, stating that universities are “the driving force behind our increasingly high-tech, knowledge-based economy”. Universities are seen as vital to the economy, and the government plans to ensure that they continue to thrive over the coming year.

China move may open floodgates
Times Higher Education
Mainland China is set to recognise foreign degrees taught in Hong Kong, which could potentially open up a huge new market for UK Universities. This move could attract more students from mainland China to study in Hong Kong, which would be beneficial for Universities such as Strathclyde & Birmingham which offer degree programmes in the city.