Access to specialist fairs key to Studycentral's development goals

Access to specialist fairs key to Studycentral's development goalsThe new look University Fairs website is just the start of a number of websites aimed at professional recruiters, to come from Studycentral. These sites will be for those keen to develop interests in student markets, either for education or careers purposes. So if you feel that the University Fairs website isn't talking to you specifically, don't despair.

Whether you are a university, college, private school or career provider Studycentral aims to provide a service that works best for you. Our services are growing and in the near future we are looking to launch a further 3 websites:

  1. College Fairs 
  2. Boarding School Fairs
  3. Career Exhibitions

As with University Fairs, each website will have a focus on providing detailed information on qualified student fairs and publications suitable for each sector. Other features that will be included are:

  • Easy navigation
  • Multi-layer search function
  • Customisable participation
  • Online ordering facilities
  • Online account management facilities
  • Full online and offline support via email and phone

How to identify us?

For further information, please contact marketing using our contact form.